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Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

When you’re feeling short on patience: • Consider what goes into making your request happen. If you found out that it was going to take at least 30 minutes to receive your entree, like the famous chicken served at Zuni Café, where they begin preparing it the day before and roast it in wood-fired brick ovens, would you still insist they hurry it up? If you would, are you okay with a wing and thigh from a fast food joint instead? • Project how important this moment of impatience will be in a year or a week or even a day. Be honest, will you even remember why you caused such a fuss? And will it make a difference in the long run? • Notice the angry person you are in this moment. Is this the person you really want to be in the world? When you’re feeling calm and want to stay that way: • Take the long way and enjoy what it has to offer. Instead of texting, handwrite a note. Instead of the highway, take the back road and stay under the speed limit. If you’re riding the train, put away your phone and look around. • Be grateful for what is. When you spend time adding up what’s good in life (and we don’t necessarily mean possessions), it brings on an awesome feeling of contentment. If you do that every day, you get to feel that contentment every day. Contentment and impatience are mutually exclusive. • Don’t try to multitask. We emphasize “try” because, unlike computers, the human brain isn’t wired to compute more than one thing at a time (here’s why). So when we attempt to, we get frazzled, and that can lead to impatience. • Meditate. It does take practice — that alone will increase your tolerance levels. And once you get the hang of meditating on a regular basis, you’ll be equipped to combat impatient flare-ups. Here’s an easy primer to get started.

Unstuck — More patience — is there an app for that?

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